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12 Jun 2009

Extechnology makes the grade at the opulent Kensington Hotel

As part of a £20million refurbishment of the luxury Kensington Hotel in central London, a member of The Doyle Collection hotel group, Extechnology has supplied its patented UV-C technology to provide odour and grease control for the hotel's kitchen extract system.

Located on the corner of Queen's Gate and Old Brompton Road, The Kensington Hotel is an amalgamation of four grand Victorian townhouses, the stylish building offers 150 rooms and suites. Following a nine-month refurbishment project the building has been restored to its former glory with its original ceiling heights and volumes re-instated. As member of The Doyle Collection, The refurbished Kensington Hotel encompasses the group's sense of contemporary, memorable luxury and a private club ambience in historic settings. As a result it is a luxury London city hotel that combines intimacy, attention to detail and perfect service.

In keeping with the high standard of refurbishment of the Kensington Hotel, the building services consultant on the project had to consider the best method of grease and odour control for the kitchen's extract system. With a first class restaurant serving exceptional cuisine to exacting clients it was important to maintain the quality that is visible throughout the hotel, while at the same time meeting the demands of the busy kitchen. The hotel therefore wanted a solution that provided odour control as well as controlling the grease generated from such an industrious cooking environment.

As a result the mechnical consultants (references available upon request) specified Extechnology's patented EXE UV-C unit. Extechnology supplied four of its EXE 12-lamp UV-C units which were installed into the new kitchen extract system by the ventilation contractor (references available upon request).

"When selecting a method of odour and grease control it was important to answer the high demands placed on the kitchen extract system by the restaurant's busy kitchen. Odour from the kitchen extract is an issue for such a stylish and luxurious hotel. However, grease is also a problem since insurers demand rigorous cleaning regimes to keep ductwork grease free, this can be problem in hotels where service is demanded 24-7. For this reason Extechnology's EXE unit was an ideal solution since the ozone generated by the unit breaks down odour, bacteria and grease. As result the need for ductwork cleaning is significantly reduced, while the only maintenance required by this type of system is tube replacement every 8000 hours or once a year," explains the mechnical consultant.

Used in a variety of air cleaning applications for more than 20 years, UV-C technology works by oxidising the odour and grease particulate, permanently destroying and altering the compounds.

However, the major difference with the patented Extechnology application, compared to other traditional UV-C units on the market, is that the UV-C tubes are mounted outside the ductwork or canopy in a separate, self-contained chamber that is linked to the ductwork or canopy via two spigots.

The Extechnology EXE 12 unit is therefore easier to install and connect into the ductwork or canopy, especially when retrofitting. "The location of the UV-C tubes outside the ductwork makes the unit a lot easier to install than inline applications. The EXE 12 is also very low in maintenance, unlike inline applications which require rigorous cleaning regimes once fitted or carbon filters that need to be replaced on a monthly basis," says the contractor.

Since the Extechnology EXE 12 unit is located outside the air flow of the extraction system it offers an energy efficient solution to odour and grease control because grease does not adhere to the tubes' surface, performance is therefore maintained and there is no air flow resistance.