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Extechnology Relationships

Extechnology look to establish partnership and distribution agreements with companies perusing similar goals and objectives


Distribution Relationships

Extechnology is currently looking to expand it distribution network in all major national and international regions. 

There is an absolute belief that odour and grease control is growing issue in major economies and we believe that we have the most effective technologies and applications to cater for this growing demand.

Currently Extechnology is servicing the UK & Irish market but due to our growing reputation we are handling enquiries from Central Europe, The Middle East & Asia.  There is an ambition to appoint regional distributors to these territories to facilitate this growing demand.

If you are an organisation looking to expand its current portfolio of product or if you are an individual able to make the appropriate introductions please get in contact with Extechnology.     


Partnership Relationships    

Extechnology have successfully developed two major partnership/licensing relationships with major food service companies. 

Extechnology develop bespoke products for partners servicing specific markets or requiring spicific applications.

If you are a company looking to expand your portfolio of product and would like to discuss the possibility of licensing one or more of Extechnology's patented applications please get in touch.